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Recipes Delight CookBook is based on a wide variety of appetizing and savory Indian as well as International vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian recipes such as Chinese, Oriental, South East Asian and Continental. This book is one of a kind that will satisfy the palates of gourmets across all age groups in the world. The striking feature of this book is the simplistic formatting of the entire range of recipes and the culinary techniques it offers.

It is sure to connect with not only any aspiring and budding cook/chef but also experienced people in the art of cooking. This is a collectible that would form a part of the beautiful journey of cooking for anyone - be it a newly married couple, or a young bachelor trying his or her hands on this art as also an expert, professional or a homemaker.

The first version of the book ‘Recipes Delight’ was published on October 11, 1997. The Chief Guest for the book launch was Late Mrs. Indutai Tilak, an active social worker and a diligent guide in various social and educational organisation. She has written books on recipes and cooking skills herself.

Mrs. Shruti Goswami is now coming up with this new book which has many more new recipes and also new and different cooking techniques. Just as various things evolve, change and get modified over a period of time, so has been the art of cooking. Cooking techniques, the likes and dislikes of people all change as years pass. So this book tries to address all these factors through this new book in terms of method of preparing various recipes, different cuisines people now like to eat, etc.

All the recipes have been tried and tested to give you a delightful taste. All the recipes give a step by step procedure emphasizing on the minute details - for instance heating time, order of using the ingredients even for the basic process of tadka, color of the ingredients in case they need to be heated initially before actual preparation of the dishes, etc. Helping you cook to the succulent perfection! Another very important aspect in the process of cooking is the availability of different ingredients in your locality.

The ingredients of most of our recipes are easily available in the local markets enhancing the joy of hassle-free cooking for you. The book also offers rare and authentic recipes from the Hyderabadi, Maharashtrian (special emphasis on Konkani and Kolhapuri delicacies), Goanese (check other) cuisines that would fill your kitchen with rich aroma awakening the tastebuds and leaving their lips smacking of all those around your table! The book has Indian and International recipes. It is meant for all age groups. It is book for budding as well as experienced chefs and homemakers. All the recipes are elaborated with simple and easy to understand steps. They have been tried and tested before including them in the book. The ingredients are easily available in the local markets. It also contains certain rare and authentic recipes from Hyderabadi and Maharashtrian cuisines along with many other lip-smacking recipes. A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul like these sweet mornings.

Author : Mrs. Shruti Goswami

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  •  Testimonials 
    The first version of the book ‘Recipes Delight’ was published on October 11, 1997. The Chief Guest for the book launch was Late Mrs. Indutai Tilak, an active social worker and a diligent guide in various social and educational organisations. She has written books on recipes and cooking skills herself. At the book launch she truly appreciated the efforts taken by Mrs. Shruti Goswami in writing the book and that all the recipes in the Book were tried and tested by Mrs. Goswami. The painstaking efforts of Mrs. Goswami were truly commendable. She further went to say that she would love to try out the different recipes given in the book. These words of Late Mrs. Tilak were truly encouraging. -
    Late Mrs. Indutai Tilak
    Active Social Worker
  •  Testimonials 
    Since childhood, we kids were always looking forward to emulate Raju maushi’s (nickname of Mrs. Shruti Goswami) culinary skills and experienced many delicacies with her characteristic affable hospitality. Her global exposure to various cuisines only enhanced her arsenal and she loved sharing the interesting anecdotes with all the kids. Her first book “Recipes Delight” is a culinary treat to all the newly weds who want to create a lasting impression on their near and dear ones and their new families. It goes without saying that every new product launched by ‘Pallavi’s Spices’ has to have her expert feedback and suggestions. I am confident that (her) new book will be yet another guiding light for many.
    Pallavi Rasal
    Founder Pallavi’s Spices & Foods
  •  Testimonials 
    I absolutely love Recipes Delight and I’m so happy that some of my favorite dishes are in this cookbook For me I’m interested in the recipes themselves and the history behind it. I’ve seen that for some recipes it will offer an alternative The quality of the book itself is amazing as well, and most importantly all the recipes it has is definitely worth it. I’m Asian myself but I am bad at cooking Asian dishes but these recipes are really detailed and tell you how to make everything including any spice blends they add. A nice little thing they have menu ideas! Gives you some inspiration on what to dishes to cook which I think is nice. I am honestly so excited to cook all my favourites, I might finally be a decent cook :)
    Manoj Mahangare
  •  Testimonials 
    This book is my personal favourite. My journey of cooking began with ‘Recipes Delight’ 20 years ago. The explanation is so simple and nice that I feel as if a family member is personally instructing us. The wide range of recipes given in the book are honestly awesome. The aim of this book is to reach out to one and all the world over. Food is a topic that is close to the heart of most of the people. Through this book I would like people to cook delicious recipes that form a part of this book and satisfy the palates of their near and dear ones
    Sharmila Prabhu Chodnekar
    Pune, India

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